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Marcus Møller Bitsch

Marcus Møller Bitsch

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Marcus Møller Bitsch, 23 years old, was born and raised in Aarhus, Denmark. He grew up close to nature with an insatiable curiosity for life and a thriving imagination. Always seen with pencils and markers close to him, as the creative medium was the easiest way for expressing himself. After a knee injury, he was forced to take a break from freediving, took up photography and started “The 365 days project”, as a way of practicing the newly profound passion, and to discover the world of photography. 
After finishing high school, he moved from Denmark to the other side of the world to start the next big photo-project. For 10 months he visited and lived in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Myanmar and Japan. Currently working on the book about his journey.

His work has already been acclaimed by his peers:

- "5 Young and talented photographers" by UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON - 2013

- "Photo of the Day" - ITALIAN VOGUE - 4th Oct 2012

- "Top 10 Young and Talented Photographers" by MY MODERN METROPOLIS - 2013


Libération, Telerama, Bloom Magazine, Kinfolk Magazine.