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Benni Valsson

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Benni Valsson was born in 1965 in Akureyri, Iceland. He started working for the local papers around 20 but soon after moved to Paris were he studied photography. After few years of assisting other photographers, Benni started working on his own.
His straightforward and human portraits quickly caught the eye of different magazines and his portraits of actors and bands such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Daniel Craig, Sean Penn, Naomie Watts, Björk, Robbie Williams, Jessica Chastain, Ryan Gossling, The White Stripes, Coldplay, Martin Scorcese, Ben Stiller, MgMt... have been seen in many publications. 

"The approach is the trickiest part of a shoot. Most people I shoot have little time and many are not at ease in front of a camera. Whether they're famous or just common people casted on the street, those few first minutes are the ones that counts the most. The words spoken, the glances, it's where I gain their trust. And when trust is there during the shoot there will always be moments when the all-defensive wall will drop and the personality will unravel. Often, giving the people I shoot a little something to do, will help them forget that "strange situation" they're in and bring their natural out.
Technically, to be able to steal those intimate moments, shooting fast and often off-rythm helps get moments of truth. The set-up is therefor rather simple and I like to use short lenses to be close to the ones I shoot.
In the end I want to have a picture that looks simple, straightforward and sincere, far from the set-up and the mechanics of a produced picture."


Petit Bateau (Campaign of the year 2009 in France), Evian (Gold Lion at Cannes 2013), Uniqlo, Mont St Michel, Europe 1, RATP, Peugeot, Air France, LU, Bioderma, adidas.

Esquire, Sunday Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, Libération, Le Monde, Les Inrock, GQ, Vogue UK, ID, Elle.

BETC, TBWA Paris, Brand Union UK, Publicis Paris, Les Gaulois, Publicis & nous, Sid Lee, Ogilvy Paris.